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Saturday 21 November 2020, Wesley Memorial Hall, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2DH. Admission Free

Visit Sara’s stall, meet the author and members of the writing group she leads, the Walton Street Writers.

And there’s lots more for you to enjoy:


  • Performance poetry by Euton Daley, Jenny Lewis and Adnan Al-Sayegh
  • Performance Art by LAPER
  • Local history talks and walks by Mark Davies
  • Presentation on animation by Joanna Harrison
  • Book launches and talks including Sylvia Vetta on Mixed Relationships inspiring her fiction.
  • Korky Paul with Magic Moments for our young visitors
  • Catering for beverages and light meals will be provided by PUKs with a share of the profits donated to Asylum Welcome.

For more information visit



Alison Boulton meets Sara Banerji, who recently had her 10th book published and now runs a creative writing course to help aspiring novelists and poets

Nine thousand books are published each day. What makes yours stand out?

“That’s what I say to the authors in my creative writing classes,” says tutor Sara Banerji of East Oxford. “Some are very good, but that’s not enough. You’re not given the benefit of the doubt with a long, gentle preamble. Readers nowadays want something which, right from the start, hits them between the eyes and gets their attention.”

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January 27th 2015 Bloomsbury publish Sara’s latest novel, Tikkipala, “a hypnotic tale of  love and preservation at a time of fading empires. Meticulously and soulfully written, Banerji  takes the heart on a journey through mystical cultures and spiritual practices, to a world  where anything is possible if love is strong enough.” Find out more or download the book .  Read about Sara’s inspiration for the novel.






Sara Banerji’s  Tuesday Writing Workshop is held at Cote Brasserie, George Street, and takes place from 10.30 – 12.30.

The small group of merry writers is called ‘The Walton Street Writers’. They have recently published a collection of their work, Tales from a Bookshop. the profits of which go to the Oxford homeless. (link for buying the book?)

The group also puts on shows and book launches for the public.

Each session is led by Sara, who has been teaching creative writing at Oxford University and other places for nearly 20 years. The sessions consist of the group hearing and  commenting on homework set by Sara, or the latest episode of someone’s novel in progress. There follows a discussion about some aspect of writing or publishing fiction.

The cost is £100 for the first 10 sessions and £10 a session thereafter..

If you would like to join the Walton Street Writers contact

Some comments by Sara’s students:
“Thank you for the inspirational joy which you have helped to create in this wonderful class.” (Angela)
“Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring course and for being so kind and patient with us all.” (David)
“‘Inspiration does much but encouragement does everything’ (Goethe.) That’s what you did for us.” (Barbara)
“I hugely enjoyed your course and learnt much from you.” (Jasna)
“Thank you for introducing us to Twitter and the ways of the blog.” (Gary)



Read Sara’s blog, follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.


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  1. Bijoya Chisholm permalink
    October 28, 2012 5:26 pm

    Wow..impressive Joyax

  2. stephanie permalink
    October 31, 2012 7:26 pm

    am enjoying classes with sara, loving them!

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